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"LYSIAS - SPIROS KOTLITSAS AND ASSOCIATES" Law Firm is one of the top-notch law firms in Greece.  The firm started its operation in 1994 and its work crew includes twenty five experienced and specialized lawyers, while it cooperates with a wide circle of specialized freelancers, lawyers, University professors, and even advisors for financial matters, matters of insurance and technical matters, appraisers of real estate and real property.

Our law firm’s operations take place in all of the cities and law courts in Greece, and abroad.

Our Law Firm’s success is based on its proper organization structure and on its notable, proficient and dynamic manpower.  It covers all judicial or extrajudicial processing of any kind of cases that concern either natural person or legal person, such as matters of civil, criminal, military criminal, commercial, tax, banking, insurance, public, private, international, European - community law, sports law, intellectual property law, including protection of intangible assets of the internet.

We have extensive experience and infinite specialization (legal, case-law, technical and organizational) in dealing with any kind of traffic accident, that takes place on the Greek roads or the European roads, since the founder of our firm, Spiros Kotlitsas, for 45 successive years is dealing with absolute success, with processing criminal and civil cases of road accidents.

Our firm is known for displaying great humanity to every road accident victim and their families, and we always maintain a close cooperation with them, for a proper and fair processing of their case.

An important fact in dealing with road accidents by our law firm is the covering of the necessary judicial or extrajudicial expenses, without an extra charge for our clients, and receiving the amount of these expenses and our fee by the other party ONLY, AFTER WINNING the case and a compensation is obtained by our principal.

Meet our team

Ilias Kotlitsas
Road accident

Spiros Kotlitsas
Road accident, medical malpractice and criminal law cases

Dimitris Kotlitsas
Road accident, International law and criminal law cases

Our firm establishments

The offices of our law firm "LYSIAS - SPIROS KOTLITSAS AND ASSOCIATES" are situated at the center of the city of Thessaloniki, at the 14 26th Oktovriou Street, opposite the Court Building of Thessaloniki, and also at the center of Athens, at 9 Kon. Kanari Street, at Kolonaki area. Our firm’s modern establishments include reception areas, meeting rooms, a library and also the private offices of our associates.

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LYSIAS - Spiros Kotlitsas and Associates
Panhellenic law firm of road accidents

HEAD OFFICE: 14 26th Oktovriou Street P.C: 54627, Thessaloniki
Tel.: 2310 545329, 2310 535288, 2310 527278
Fax: 2310 500266

BRANCH OF THESSALONIKI: 66B Konstantinou Karamanli Street, Kalamaria, Tel: 2310 805544

HEAD OFFICE OF ATHENS: 9 Kanari Street, Kolonaki
Tel: 210 3387050