Offices in Thessaloniki

Offices in Thessaloniki

The  head office of our law firm "LYSIAS - SPIROS KOTLITSAS AND ASSOCIATES" is situated at the center of the city of Thessaloniki, at the 14 26th Oktovriou Street, opposite the Court Building of Thessaloniki, while our legal services are also provided by our branch at Kalamaria area, at the 66B Konstantinou Karamanli Street. Recently, we inaugurated our new head office in Athens, at 9 Kanari Street at Kolonaki area, so to be able to provide better services to our clients nationwide.

Our firm’s modern establishments include reception areas, meeting rooms, a library and also the private offices of our associates.

Very soon, our firm will be able to provide services to our clients, former and new, in our new offices in all the Balkan countries.

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Contact Details

LYSIAS - Spiros Kotlitsas and Associates
Panhellenic law firm of road accidents

HEAD OFFICE: 14 26th Oktovriou Street P.C: 54627, Thessaloniki
Tel.: 2310 545329, 2310 535288, 2310 527278
Fax: 2310 500266

BRANCH OF THESSALONIKI: 66B Konstantinou Karamanli Street, Kalamaria, Tel: 2310 805544

HEAD OFFICE OF ATHENS: 9 Kanari Street, Kolonaki
Tel: 210 3387050