Georgia Iordanidou

She was born in Thessaloniki.  He was a student in the Law Department of the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki from 1999 to November of 2003. Since 2016 she holds a master’s degree in the Area of Tourism Business Administration of the Open Greek University.

She is a permanent associate in the Law Firm "LYSIAS", since December 2003, as an active appeals lawyer. She deals with cases of:

  • Bank and Financial Law, such as unfairness of terms of loan contracts, charging and addition of compound interest, unfair banking charges etc. She specializes in the application of the Law 3869/2010 that concerns settlements of the debts of over-indebted natural persons (legal mediation, extra-judicial compromise, judicial compromise and direct settlement of the debt in court).
  • Commercial Law, such as establishment, amendment and dissolution of every kind of companies (Private Capital Companies (single member or not), General Partnership, Limited partnership, Public Limited Company, Limited Liability Company) and through the "One Stop Shop", application of the Law on insolvency and Corporate Reorganization (Article 99 of Law 3588/2007)
  • Intellectual Property Law, such as patents protection, and trademarks protection (word and figurative trademarks).
  • Family Law, such as divorce petitions, maintenance claims, claims for sharing marital property, resolve of property disputes, custody of minor children, applications for interim measures and claims of payment for child support and alimonies, claims for establishing or contesting paternity, claims for guardianship of minors, criminal treatment of cases of Domestic Violence.
  • Inheritance Law, acceptance and waiver of inheritance, waiver of a reserved share, inheritance claims.
  • Law on Aliens, such as applications for citizenship, residence permits of any kind (granting or renewal), appeals, applications for cancellation, suspension, and interlocutory injunctions in Administrative Courts, submission of objections to Police Stations.

She has an excellent command of English, Spanish, Italian and French language. 

She is an active member of:

  • "Association of Lawyers for Motor Vehicles Law in Northern Greece"
  • “Association of Lawyers for Immigrant Law (MMIGRATIO)” in which she is a founding member.