Haralampos Hristelis

He is 50 years old, he was born in Athens and was raised in Thessaloniki.  He graduated (top of his class) from the Fifth High School for Boys in Thessaloniki and he completed his studies in the Law School of the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki.  He speaks English and French. Since 1988 he is an active legal practitioner and deals with cases of all areas of Law (Civil, Criminal, Commercial and Administrative Law) and he specializes in cases of insurance law and road accident law. He is a member of Association of Lawyers for Motor Vehicles Law and Private Insurance in Northern Greece.

He worked for years as a legal advisor and a dynamic lawyer, for the insurance companies "INTERSALONIKA INSURANCE GROUP" and "INTERLIFE INSURANCE" representing loyally and stoutly, these companies and their customers in cases of road accidents in various court rooms of the country. Since summer 2012 he works for the law firm "LYSIAS", hoping to offer his expertise and experience to the service of the victims of road accidents, so that it will be provided to them the greatest possible protection and a full compensation for their damage.