Spiros Kotlitsas Road accident, medical malpractice and criminal law cases.
Ilias Kotlitsas Road accident cases.
Dimitrios Kotlitsas Road accident, International law and criminal law cases.
Stamatis Mpishiniotis Real estate, lease dispute, company law and road accidents law cases.
Dimitrios Ntokatzis Commercial, family, inheritance and road accident law.
Haralambos Hristelis Civil, criminal, commercial administrative law and road accident cases.
Sofia Kostarakou Commercial, administrative, and criminal law, law of obligations, family and securities law.
Efterpi Spanou Cases of obligations and family law, specialization in matters that concern expropriations of real estate - private or public land, in judicial and extra-judicial level.
Anna Kitsi Cases of obligations law (sales - contracts) commercial law (securities - companies) and property law (contracts - land register).
Panagiotis Taliampes Cases of enforcement in matters of confiscation and auction family and inheritance law, real estate trade lease dispute and commercial contracts and road accidents
Georgios Safetis Cases of commercial law and company law criminal law and road accidents law.
Ilias Patsiouras Labour law, labor accidents, leases, sales and sports law.
Georgia Iordanidou Cases of bank and financial law (Law 3869/2010 for indebted natural person), commercial law, labor law, family law and immigration law.
Maria Delimpaidi Medical malpractice, family law, commercial law, real estate and lease disputes cases.
Maria Ladopoulou Bank and financial law (settlement for indebted households), family and inheritance law, real estate and lease dispute cases.
Aikaterini Samiou Family, property, obligations and inheritance law.
Eleni Mantziou Insurance, pension and tax cases, real estate, family and inheritance law.
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Anastasia Athanasiadou  
Aikaterini Konstantinopoulou