Spiros Kotlitsas - Curriculum Vitae

Spiros Kotlitsas

He was born in Anthohori, a mountain village at the Perfecture of Karditsa, where he received his elementary education.

He completed his studies at the 1st Lyceum in Karditsa, a sixth form boy’s school.  He continued and successfully completed his studies (top of his class) at Law School in the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki.

Since 1974 and beyond, he had never stopped being a dynamic legal practitioner in all of the court rooms in Greece having an adequate knowledge of all the areas of general practice of the law, but with full and absolute specialization in the matters of Private Insurance, in Greece and abroad, and mostly emphasizing and serving road accidents cases, especially when they concerned fatal accidents and serious bodily injuries.

For 25 consecutive years (1977 to 2002), he worked as an exclusive legal advisor and a dynamic legal practitioner of court hearings all around Greece, with the following Insurance Companies: DAS HELLAS (Legal Expenses Insurance), INTERAMERICAN LTD, PANELLINIOS LTD, DIETHNIS ENOSIS LTD, PERL-ATHINAIOS LTD, and others of smaller range.

Since then (since 2002) he has dedicated his legal, personal and human services to the victims of road accidents

(fatal accidents, severe disabilities, important material damages etc) because, through his long career and experience in road accidents, he realized the utter disdain, the trivialization of human dignity, and also the social, financial and professional disaster, that every victim suffers after a road accident.

In this critical moments, every victim of a road accident has the need of a powerful legal supporter with great experience and a great feeling of compassion.

He also dealt and still dealing with the compensations, which each insured person claims by the liable insurance company, for damages from fire, flood and other insurance risks, because in this industry, the injured- insured person deals with serious issues of processing, settlement and payment of their legitimate compensations.

He has always been a visionary of the collective legal service of each principal - client and a big believer of the offering of specialized services to the clients, something almost impossible to be offered inadequately in all areas, by a single attorney.

For this purpose, from 1994 and beyond, he has created the law firm under the trade name “LAW FIRM OF


Through the above mentioned legal corporate team, with the specialized, individual legal expertise, all the problems of modern Greek society are dealt with, both in Greece and abroad.

He is the president, manager and representative of the above mentioned law firm, and a true supporter of the rights of each victim of a road accident, and also of each of our fellow human beings that deserves justice and is the beneficiary of any kind of insurance compensation.

He is a founding member and member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Lawyers for Motor Vehicles Law in Northern Greece.

In his immediate targets is to expand the operation of the law firm beyond Greece, where today already operates, to all of the neighboring countries of the Balkans and, consequently to all Europe.

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